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Approval for £20m, 131 Blackpool council home project.

Construction is set to start later this year on the 9.5-acre, Blackpool council home project in Grange Park site. The project is located on two separate plots in the council estate, one is off Chepstow Road while the other fronting Dinmore Avenue. The Blackpool council home project is set to deliver 96 affordable houses, 30 sheltered apartment and five bungalows which will be managed by Blackpool Coastal Housing after completion.

Cassidy + Ashton, a Preston-based company worked with the council on the development, which was on september 7 approved formally by the planning committee. The scheme was signed off by the council executive in July. The Blackpool council home project will comprise several pocket parks, play area and green communal spaces. There will also be a pedestrian walkways and cycle path connecting the housing site to local schools.

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Affordable rental properties.

A chartered town planner with Cassidy + Ashton, Claire parker said that the proposals will offer a mix of new affordable rental properties to the area, with a range of public open areas for the use and enjoyment of existing and new Grange Park residents. “The project will support local education and health services, offer the needed public open areas and also improve existing facilities within the local area.” Her remarks were echoed by Cllr Ivan Taylor, deputy leader for Blackpool Council. “I am happy that this project is progressing to offer quality housing to meet local need on the Grange Park estate,” he added.

“The Blackpool council home project will have a real focus on the environment tying in the current climate change scheme that is underway. More focus has been given to providing community green open spaces, a meadow grassland and improved walkways and cycle. “Now that planning permission has been ordered, we will complete the timeline of work and share with the local residents. We promise they will be kept informed throughout the development.”

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