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China to fund construction of major airport in Sierra Leone

Shen Xiaokai, the Economic Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Sierra Leone has revealed that China will fund construction of major airport in Sierra Leone.

The Mammah airport project is among the several development projects in Ghana which will benefit from the US$60bn finance support for Africa. The funding support has been confirmed by the Chinese President Xi Jinping during the last Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) summit held in South Africa.

The Mamamah airport project phase I implementation is expect to engulf about US$200m. However, on completion, the new airport will be fully functional in line with the international standards.

Sierra Leone government is also expected to request for further funding to execute phase II of the airport so as the airport becomes fully functional. The government needs to request the financial boost as soon as possible in order for the project construction works to immediately commence.

When the government of China is done with the Sierra Leone airport project, it will engage in execution the Rokel River water supply project which is also yet another flagship project of the Sierra Leonean government. The water supply project is expected to significantly contribute in solving the water crisis in the country’s capital city.

Additionally, China government is expected to embarking on two other projects which are the West African Tropical Disease Research and Prevention Center which has been described as the most significant project for the post-Ebola recovery plan. The other project will involve the construction of a 3.2km road linking Freetown and the Limkokwing University to Regent. The project is intended to facilitate easy movement of people between the capital and Regent village.


China to fund construction of Mamamah airport in Sierra Leone


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