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China to strengthen high-tech application in road construction

China is set to speed-up the application of advanced technologies in road construction and road network management, according to the Ministry of Transport.

The country will make further use of technologies including artificial intelligence and Building Information Modeling, a digital tool for construction projects while adopting a more precise approach to the design, construction, maintenance and operation of infrastructures, said a guideline issued by the MOT.

The guideline called for better use of 5G communications, high precision positioning, edge computing as well as BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in highway construction and road network management.

Meanwhile, the application of blockchain technology shall be deepened in information management, disaster prevention and emergency rescue, the guideline noted.

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Roads development in China

The achievements of the project “highway capacity research” in the “9th Five-Year” period in China have supported the current “Technical Standard of Highway Engineering” and “Design Specification for Highway Alignment”, which are the most important specifications for the design and construction of highway in China and guidance of the construction and operation of tens of thousands of kilometers of highway. At present, China’s highway industry is still in a period of rapid development.

By the end of 2014, the total mileages of highway network exceeds 4,400,000 kilometers, of which the freeway’s mileage reaches 112,000 kilometers. With this rapid development of highway system, since the “9th Five-Year”, the highway capacity research in China is still ongoing.


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