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Construction of 14th Military Hospital road in Liberia complete

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The Dubai World Islands Project

Construction of the road leading to the newly constructed 14th Military Hospital in Liberia is complete. Assistant Minister for Operation at the Public Works Ministry, Kaustella Kialain confirmed the report and described the road as 100% good. The 14th Military Hospital Road is located in Schiefflin Town, Margibi County, opposite the Edward Binyah Kesselly (EBK) Military Barracks.

According to Kialain, South African-based Polyroads-West Africa, the project contractors used a significant amount of polymeric chemical products in its makeup. “Polyroads-West Africa used Soiltech MK III stabilizer, a new technological chemical product for the construction of the 1KM 14th Military Hospital road. It is human-intensive, because, they do not buy construction materials outside the project site,” said Kialain.

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Inexpensive and durable

Kialain further explained that the Asphalt Pavement road is expensive, as opposed to the new polymeric chemical products. The polymer roads are cost effective, reduces construction time, lasts longer and is environmentally-friendly. “The government spent up to US $1m just for a 1km road using Asphalt, but with the new technology, we are now spending about US $300,000 for the same length. We will monitor the road for about six months, especially during the rainy season to determine whether it can withstand the weather conditions of the country. This will enable us to know how good roads could be constructed across the country without using stones, cement and other raw materials needed for road construction,” said Kialain.

“However, I have been guaranteed 20 years durability because modification of the soil to turn into a rock prolongs its lifespan. This will provide a lasting solution to the country’s long-time road problems, specifically during the rainy season,” Kialain added.

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