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Construction of eight solar power plants in Gabon begins

Gabon has announced the start of construction of eight solar power plants in three regions of the country. Solar Power Projects Régis Nzoundou Bignoumba, General Manager of the Deposit and Consignment Fund (CDC) confirmed the reports and said that thirty days after the launch the land to accommodate the facilities for these plants should have been prepared by the workers.

The projects kick off is a culmination of a partnership agreement signed with the French company Engie, through its subsidiary Ausar Energy. The plants will have a combined capacity of 2.8 MW, spread over three provinces of the country.

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Solar power plants

The solar plants will be located in Ndjolé, Booué, Ovan, Makokou, Mekambo, Medouneu, Bitam and Minvoul with an estimated 100,000 households being able to access electricity generated by these plants hence greatly benefiting from this project.

Upon completion, the solar plants are projected to save nearly one million litres of fuel oil per year. It will also reduce the production costs of the Gabonese Energy and Water Company (SEEG) by 40% as well as reduce the many power outages that populations very frequently endure.

Gabon hopes to significantly reduce its pollution rate and lower its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2025. The project is set to save the country one million litres of fuel oil per year or 2,600 tonnes of CO2 and reduce generation costs by 30%. This strategic priority is designed to ensure continuous access to energy in isolated areas that are not and cannot be connected to grids, as well as to limit the consumption of fuel oil, manage costs and reduce pollution.

About Ausar Energy

Ausar Energy offers the African continent a hybrid solar power plant solution in line with ENGIE Group’s strategy of promoting decentralized generation and distribution of electricity from renewable sources, with or without storage facilities, with capacities ranging from 50kW to 2.5MW.



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