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Construction of US $14bn Grand Inga dam in Congo on track

Construction works on the US $14bn Grand Inga Dam hydroelectric project in the Democratic Republic of Congo is on track. This is according to Patrick Kabuya, head of communications for the government agency known as ADPI, said the project would proceed.

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The Grand Inga Dam project

The Grand Inga project is estimated to produce 40000MW of power. This is enough to provide power to nearly half of the continent. It has been proposed for over 10 years but lack of political will and possible corruption has prevented the project from reaching its full potential.

Since 1972, only phase one and phase two in 1982, of the project have been in existence and operational. Together they generate almost 1800MW. The grand Inga is suggested to be constructed in six phases. Inga three will be the first phase in the project. An agreement was signed between South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Angola with DRC, about 10 years ago in order to develop the Inga three project and provide transmission of the power it produces through the Western corridor.

Approximately Inga three was to cost about US $14bn. However in 2013, a side deal by South Africa and the DRC sidelined the rest of the Southern African countries which led to an interruption of the project. However the meeting held at the African Union Extraordinary summit gave some little hope that the project could be revived.

The Grand Inga Dam is the world’s largest suggested hydropower scheme. It is the cornerstone of a grand vision to help a continent-wide power system. It is predicted that about US $80bn could be enough to develop the project. This will include placing of transmission lines across the continent.


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