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Construction works on Egypt’s first high-speed railway begins

Construction works have begun on Egypt’s first high-speed railway from Ain Sukhna, parallel to the Hurghada road, to Marsa Matrouh, respectively on the Red Sea coast and the Mediterranean coast, have begun.

The project is planned to have four legs. The first line is planned to run from Ain Sokhna, through Egypt’s New Administrative Capital, to El Alamein on the Mediterranean coast, while the second leg of the railway will link the Red Sea’s main port with Alexandria and the port of Matrouh Gargoub.

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The third lane will connect Hurghada and Safaga with Qena and Luxor, and the fourth will connect Six October city with Luxor and Aswan.

Reportedly, preparation works on the path including digging the mountains in the distance from Helwan and May 15th to the Administrative Capital have already begun. The contracting companies participating in the implementation of the project, resort to using explosives to detonate the mountains that cross the railway path.

The entire project is expected to be fully operational in 24 months’ time from the day the construction works begin.

Project team

Egyptian/Local contracting companies, particularly Orascom Construction and Arab Contractors, are involved in the work of preparing the track and the road on which the express train will run in parallel with the initiation of the construction of the stations along the route.

Germany’s Siemens Mobility will be implementing the project’s signaling and communication systems and supplying the trains that will operate on it after its implementation.

Reportedly, the parties involved will be paid US$ 23bn for building and maintaining the rail network over 15 years according to a memorandum of understanding signed with Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels back at the beginning of this year (2021).


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