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Building begins to sink due to ongoing construction of Cairo Metro Line

The government of the Arab Republic of Egypt is set to repair Sharbatly apartment building located in Cairo’s Zamalek neighborhood. The building has been reported to have begun to sink on one side, causing the structure to lean as a result of the nearby digging related to the ongoing construction works on the Cairo Metro line extension.

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Cairo Governor Khaled Abdel Aal formed an engineering committee to inspect the property and demonstrate the extent of the damage and how long it would take to repair. The committee reported that the building has only had severe damages whose repair works would not exceed two weeks.

The residents have already evacuated the building to give way for the Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & Co.)and Orascom Construction companies to carry out the repair works, after being handed approximately US$ 1,877 to cover for temporary housing until when they are able to return to the building.

The Sharbatly building

The Sharbatly building consists of two parts, the first part overlooks Brazil Street and consists of 12 floors and 37 apartments while the second part of the building overlooks Aziz Abaza Street, and has 11 floors containing 33 apartments.

According to Egypt’s Minister of Transportation Kamel El-Wazir, the damage may have been caused by a heavy-duty machine that dug from the direction of the River Nile to within 200 meters of the building’s location. He also emphasized that no other properties within the area that have been affected.

The Cairo Metro Line 3 runs from Heliopolis or Masr El Gedida (New Cairo) in the lower region of Egypt to the Attaba district in Downtown Cairo, and on through Maspero to a new Zamalek stop, before heading towards the densely populated district of Imbaba on the Giza side of the River Nile.

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