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Egypt to start 300MW electric linkage project with Sudan

Egypt is expected to commence the pilot operation of the electricity grid project which has a capacity of 300MW with Sudan in November. The project is part of Egypt’s plan to become a regional center for energy.

The Egyptian government plans to complete the electricity linkage project with Sudan as soon as possible, as Egypt aims to support the African countries and the Nile Basin to meet their electricity needs.

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According to sources at the Ministry of Electricity, each country will bear the cost of the electrical connection implementation in their territory.

In the Egyptian territories, concrete bases for the electricity towers have already been established, and Larson & Toubro will start the construction of the electrical connection line at a cost of US $25m.

The connection line starts in the first phase of the transformer station Toshka 2, heading to the substation of Arqin transformers in Sudan with a voltage of 220kV, but rises in the second phase to 500kV. 

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Egypt-Sudan relations

Officials in Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity are preparing a detailed report on the rates of implementation of the project for President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, especially, as it is an agenda to be discussed during the presidential summit in Khartoum next month under the chairmanship of Presidents Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Omar Al-Bashir.

There has been many summit meetings between the two presidents, with the aim to amalgamate relations between Egypt and Sudan, whereby various projects in the fields of electricity, industry, sports, health, and education, were agreed upon.

The two sides also restated their position on regional and international issues of common concern, which reflects the interests of the two sides at all levels and the fact that the security, stability, and development of both countries is an important and integral part of the security, stability, and development of the other state.

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