New bridge to be constructed at Heliopolis in Egypt

New bridge to be constructed in Heliopolis, Egypt

A new bridge that shall pass over Safir Square joining Othman ibn Affan with Abu Bakr Street is set to be constructed at Heliopolis in Ayn Shams, a northeastern suburb of Cairo in Egypt, courtesy of the Greater Cairo urban planning and development project.

The Greater Cairo urban planning and development project

The project seeks to initiate a revised and low cost approach to urban transport in the city, in a bid to improve its efficiency and strengthen institutional capabilities for urban planning, management and service delivery. In addition, the project also seeks to alleviate the living standards and environmental conditions of some of Cairo’s deprived areas, as well as increase their access to public transport services.

The project includes: traffic engineering and management measures along major routes and in the Central Business District, road paving for new bus routes, enforcement of traffic regulations and parking controls, improvements in the efficiency of the public bus service, pilot street cleaning, solid waste management, road and footpath paving in low income areas, requisite technical assistance and training; and feasibility studies.

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The new bridge project implementer’s

The new bridge project is as a result of a joint development plan by the Egyptian Armed Forces and Rowad Modern Engineering (RME), one of the fast growing leading contractors engaged in a wide range of construction activities in industrial, commercial, special buildings, and infrastructure sectors.

The project has however received criticism due to its impact to the environment. For instance, it is said that it will pose a danger to the natural landscapes because for it to be erected, approximately 550 trees will have to be uprooted along the Abu Bakr Street.

Projects similar to this one have been implemented this year in Heliopolis, including the construction of a bridge passing over El Saba’a Omarat (The Seven Buildings) in el Nozha area



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