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Seven gigawatts of power to be added to Egypt Grid

7 Gigawatts of power will be added to Egypt Grid so that it can be able to supply enough power to its growing industrial sector.

According to officials Egypt will be constructing more power plants as a first step to ensure that they connect more electricity to the grid and that is equally important to expand the transmission and distribution infrastructure.

GE Grid Solutions is supporting this effort with a recently announced deal with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) to provide GE’s advanced gas-insulated switch gear technology to four substations.

These substations will help connect 7 gigawatts (GW) of power to the national grid, which are enough to meet the needs of more than 6.5 million homes across Egypt. As Egypt approaches the hot summer months and the Holy month of Ramadan, this is a crucial project to reinforce Egypt’s network during periods of peak demand.

Most recently a corporation between GE and EETC was signed when France’s President’s visited Egypt and highlighted the importance of Egypt’s having a staple energy sector that can sustain the demand for power.

The president added that more companies are looking to invest in Egypt and there was need to ensure that they entice them with availability of power.

The signing  which was done when the two presidents met was  witnessed by  President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and His Excellency President François Hollande, among other agreements between the two countries to further support Egypt’s economic, industrial and infrastructural development.

“We will ensure that we work together more so in the power sector to ensure the country has a sustainable power supply” he added

As part of the contract, GE also will supply a digital data protection system, network management system and telecommunication technologies that will help connect the substations to the National Energy Control Center and improve the network’s stability.


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