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Emergency water security project to improve water supply in Botswana

Botswana Emergency Water Security and Efficiency Project launched in Gaborone will enable government to improve the supply and management of water in the country.

The minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Service (MLWS), Mr Prince Maele said the project is a partnership between the government and World Bank, with the latter offering a loan facility of over US $97m.

Mr. Maele said the loan will help the government’s efforts to integrate and manage both surface and ground water resources. Moreover, the online water supply systems are set to benefit around 466 000 people in 66 selected villages. This is while connecting 177 000 people to improved wastewater and sludge management systems.

The facility will help develop the country’s water supply and wastewater infrastructure. It will also go a long way in strengthening institutional capacity to enable better management of water. The minister further said this would enable the government to realize proper upgrades on the national water supply infrastructure.

MLWS permanent secretary, Mr Thato Raphaka said the project incorporates improving water supply and efficiency. It will also improve wastewater management as well as sector reform and institutional strengthening.

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Project implementation phases

According to him, the first component will consist of a range of projects including Selebi Phikwe to Serule water transfer scheme and Ghanzi township water supply expansion. The second component will include the rehabilitation of the Mambo and Lobatse wastewater treatment ponds. The third aspect of the project will include a series of studies and technical assistance activities. These will serve the purpose of supporting stronger long-term planning and efficiency in Botswana’s water sector.



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