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Enso Energy to construct 1 GW solar plants & storage pipeline across the UK

A UK based developer, Enso Energy that was previously known as Green Investment Bank has announced its plans to build a new large-scale solar plants project portfolio that stretches across England and Wales. The solar plants in the UK are expected to have both tracker and biracial technology. PPA’s have been arranged to finance the project. The announcement comes after the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced the US$6.2 billion infrastructure plan that will see to more green projects being constructed that had been planned before he stepped into office.

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The solar developer has to have all planning conferences in a virtual town hall due to the current global pandemic however that has proved not to have hindered their plans to construct several solar projects. The projects are going to be grid secure between both regions; having each region connected. On-site battery storage facilities will make sure that projects have flexible output and address electricity demand during peak periods, while also providing auxiliary services to the grid.

By combining solar farms with battery storage technology, projects could address high demand during peak periods and provide flexibility and stability to the grid. Ian Harding and Andrew King, the Co-Founders of Enso Energy, said: “This partnership brings together two organisations, which share the same vision to dramatically accelerate the delivery of the benefits of low-cost solar energy to communities up and down the country.” Ed Northam, the Head of Green Investment Group Europe, added: “By combining GIG’s deep technical and financial capabilities with Enso’s highly experienced development team, our partnership has the skills and expertise to unlock that potential, bringing low-cost, low-carbon power to communities right across the UK.” The Enso statement said “many” of the projects in the pipeline would feature tracker and bifacial technology to reduce their land footprint. The seven solar projects listed on the Enso website, which add up to less than 350 MW of generation capacity, are all understood to form part of the 1 GW plan.


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