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Equatorial Guinea to build West Africa’s first LNG storage and regas plant

Equatorial Guinea is set to construct West Africa’s first LNG storage and regas plant. Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons announced the plans and said that the project aims to monetise gas resources through the creation of domestic gas-to-power infrastructure.

The plant will be built by American manufacturer Corban Energy Group and spearheaded by local construction and engineering firm Elite Construcciones. German companies ESC Engineers and Noordtec are also  working closely with Elite Construcciones in the design, development and construction of the LNG project.

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Akonikien LNG project.

The Akonikien LNG project will have a storage capacity of 14,000 cubic meters with 12 bullet tanks. The tanks will have a capacity of 1,228 cubic meters and dimensions of 31 meters by 9.3 metres by 8.8 metres. Each tank is estimated to require 12 hours to complete the 12,000-metre distance from the port to the new plant.

The storage plant will be located at the Port of Akonikien on the country’s mainland. This will enable the transportation and storage of LNG from the country’s LNG plant at the Punta Europa Gas Complex on Bioko Island, to Akonikien on the southern border of the mainland.

It will then be fed into the regasification plant to be distributed to smaller-scale power plants and LNG power stations throughout the country, as well as exported to neighbouring countries. Elite Construcciones will also install a truck loading station and 12 kilometres of 10-inch gas and diesel pipelines.

West Africa’s first LNG storage and regas plant

“This terminal will be the the first of many upcoming projects under the LNG2Africa initiative. LNG2Africa has a clear objective of developing small-scale LNG projects to supply gas to countries and regions with limited infrastructure,” said Mr. Gabriel.

LNG2Africa initiative was launched by the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons in 2018, the initiative seeks to facilitate the production and trade of LNG through the creation of domestic gas-to-power infrastructure and intra-African LNG industry.



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