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Construction of Ethiopia’s Dire Dawa Industrial Park nears completion.

Construction works on Dire Dawa Industrial Park in Ethiopia nears completion. This is according to Wang Kun, project manager of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC).

The Dire Dawa industrial park is expected to host investors in textile and leather sectors, and construction input sectors. The project manager said that as it stands, close to 97% of the work has been completed, with only remaining water treatment and landscaping works.

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Dire Dawa industrial park

Stretched on 14,500 hectares of land, the US $158m industrial park will have 15 industrial sheds ready to accommodate prospective investors once it’s fully commissioned. The facility will also have an environmentally friendly waste discharge system.

The industrial park is also expected to create employment opportunities to about 40,000 Ethiopians. The government expects the industrial park, when operational, will create direct and indirect job opportunities for close to 40,000 Ethiopians. Wang said construction of the project has already hired more than 7,000 locals.

Aiming at becoming a middle-income industrialized nation by 2025, Ethiopia has built many industrial parks and industry Zones throughout the regions, to attract investment in various industries.

Prior to the Dire Dawa project, CCECC also built Ethiopia’s Adama Industrial Park, which was recently inaugurated, and the country’s flagship Hawassa Industrial Park, which was considered by the Ethiopian government as “a model industrial park.”

Ethiopia strives to be the hub of light manufacturing industries in Africa, placing an ambitious plan to develop world-class industrial parks with fascinating hard and soft infrastructure.



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