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Effects of constructing Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia to be discussed

Two consulting firms that had been appointed to carry out a study on the effects of the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia that is underway have completed their work. The firms will now present their report to the tripartite committee.

The National Tripartite Committee of Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt are expected to hold its eighth meeting in Addis Ababa the discuss the construction of the Grand  Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia .

The countries chose the French BRL and Dutch Deltares as main and sub contractors respectively to conduct the two studies proposed by the international panel of experts to analyze the effects of the dam.

The multi-billion dollar Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethioipa is being constructed on the Blue Nile, about 20 kilometres from the Sudanese border, and has a capacity of 74 billion cubic meters, and is expected to generate electrical power of up to 6,000 megawatts.

The Khartoum meeting would discuss pending issues from the previous meeting which was held in Cairo last month regarding the potential impact of Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia on the downstream countries (Sudan and Egypt) besides the implementation of the technical studies according to the timetable agreed upon on the roadmap approved by the three nations.

Egypt claims that that the Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia could shrink its share of Nile water by 12 billion cubic meters.

The contrution of the dam has been in several occation interfered by several contentious issues raised by Egypt.


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