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Ethiopian Roads Authority to focus on road projects worth US$ 258m

The Ethiopian Roads Authority has signed a US$ 258m road project agreement that will cater for the expansion and construction of seven major roads in the region.

Authority Director General Mr. Araya Girmay confirmed the reports and said that the seven projects signed with the contractors are Awash-Mile III 75kms, Awash-Mile IV 74km, Addis-Mojjo-Meki 131kms, Meki-Shashemene-Hawassa 146kms, Soroka-Abrhagira-Abderafi 92kms, Aykel-Zufan-Angerib 69kms and Beles-Mekanebirhan 39kms.

Mr. Girmay further pointed out that the roads authority is working hard to try and double the country’s road coverage from the present 110,000kms to 220,000kms.

“The Ethiopian Roads Authority has finalized preparations to execute construction of additional 69 new mega road projects and are undertaking the construction of 171 projects which has led to the creation of employment opportunities especially for the youths, he said”

According to the agreement, the firms that won the tender for the construction works are Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation, Markan Trading PLC, Mekelakeya Construction Enterprise, Yonatan Abiy General Works and Sur Construction for all the seven bids.

The contractors were so grateful to the Road Authority for the consideration given to local contractors and the move to empower them in implementing such mega projects. Representatives and managers of the contractors on their part promised to execute the road projects with the required quality and time and perform an up to standard job.

Ethiopian Road Transport Authority (R.T.A) is a public Authority whose vision is to ensure the provision of a modern, integrated and safe Road transport services to meet the needs of all the communities for strong and unitary economic and political system in the country of Ethiopia. Their mission on the other hand is to promote and ensure the provision of efficient, economic and safe road transport services in the country.



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