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Ghana to construct 5,000 steel bridges nationwide

The government of Ghana has partnered with Ghana Armed Forces, to construct 5,000 steel bridges nationwide in bid to facilitate economic activities in the country.

The Minister of Roads, Kwasi Amoako-Attah confirmed the reports and said the ministry has solicited the collaboration of 48 Engineers Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces towards the construction of the bridges.

“The move to construct the steel bridges falls under the ‘Ghana beyond Aid’ initiative which seeks to develop Ghana’s economic development beyond aid and the collaboration between the military and civilian employees is a step towards the implementation of the vision,” said Amoako-Attah.

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Steel bridges project

The Minister added that the government will also enter into an agreement with the Defence Ministry to enable members of the Regiment to support the rehabilitation of about 150 steel bridge components that had been knocked down.

Moreover, the government is expecting 200 steel bridge components from Czech Republic this year that will be used to fix the dilapidated bridges. As of now, the ministry has begun constructing the pavements in the barracks and in the first quarter of the year it will commence asphalting some artillery and residential roads of all military barracks.

Infrastructure in Ghana

According to the Minister, the government of Ghana is confident that 2019 would face major infrastructure projects courtesy of the Sinohydro deal. The Chinese funded projects is expected to begin full-scale operation this year.

Half of the US $2bn Sino-hydro Barter Agreement would be utilized in building roads and bridges while the other half of the money would construct schools, hospitals and facilities country wide. 30% of the construction is reserved for Ghanaians.



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