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Rehabilitation of Accra-Nsawam railway in Ghana nears completion

Rehabilitation of Accra-Nsawam railway in Ghana is 95% complete. The US$ 3.1m upgrade was supposed to be completed in seven months but the deadline was extend due to unforeseen circumstance.

The line serves as a means of transportation for residents of Nsawam travelling to the Central Business District (CBD) of Accra, but activities on the line ceased in October 2017 when a Tema-Accra-bound train derailed at Tesano. Ghana Railway Company Ltd (GRCL) is in charge of the project.

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Accra-Nsawam railway line

According to Managing director of the Ghana Railway Development Authority (GRDA), John Essel, the railway line  will resume normal operations in September. “The Authority has gone on several test runs and highly satisfied with the quality of work done so far, I can assure you that the operations will resume in the next two weeks or the first week of September. The engineers will have to do some minimal adjustments and also see how to run the Nsawam railway as well as the Tema route,” he added.

The rehabilitation work by GRCL included working on the body, spraying, paneling, seating and repair of buggies, among others, of the coaches, as well as the lines. The coaches have a seating capacity of 93 passengers for the second class and 56 for the first-class.

The Ghana Railway Company Ltd (GRCL) has engaged a team of 300 local workers to work on the project with the workforce consisting of 305 permanent workers and 15 supervisors. Once completed, the railway line will help reduce heavy traffic congestion, ease high road maintenance costs, reduce an increase in fuel consumption and an increase in environmental pollution.


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