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HS2 to construct a concrete tunnel segment factory in UK.

A precast HS2 concrete tunnel segment factory is being developed at an oil rig fabrication site located in Hartpool. The development is set to create more than 100 new jobs. Strabag, the Austria’s biggest construction company will construct the facility which will fulfil a 36,000 segment contract for their joint venture with Costain Skanska constructing twin bored tunnels between HS2’s new Old Oak Common station and Green Parkway running underneath Northolt.

Situated at Hartlepool Dock, the facility will be owned and operated by PD Ports. The HS2 concrete tunnel segment factory construction will start in January 2022 with production of 6-tonne precast concrete tunnel segments starting by December 2022.

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The concrete tunnel segment facility.
Work will begin by revamping the exterior land parcel to fit the segment storage requirements and platform of the rail logistics. Then focus will shift to the internal fit-out which will accommodate reinforcement hall and an advanced automated segment carousel. Additionally, robots will be commanded by telemetry to produce the high quality reinforcement cages needed for every segment. The HS2’s chief commercial officer, Ruth Todd, stated: “The plan of manufacturing the segments not only in the United Kingdom, but in a modern facility in the North East, is another proof of how HS2 is positively impacting the regional economies in the UK and helping the country to regain strength after the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Commercial Director at Strabag, Andrew Dixon, added that the new production facility in Hartlepool and the existing precast factory located at Wilton for the Woodsmith Mine scheme underline the long-term commitment to the region. The HS2 concrete tunnel segment factory tender is the second of two for HS2’s London tunnels on the concrete tunnel segments. Approximately 58,000 segments will be delivered by Pacadar UK for the first London tunnel under construction from West Ruislip to Green Park Way, in Ealing. The total length of HS2’s London tunnels being built by SCS JV is 26miles, which is the same length as Crossrail.

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