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Construction of 1,434 residential units begins in, Nairobi Kenya

Construction of over 1,434 residential units under the affordable housing project has begun along Racecourse Road in Pangani, Nairobi Kenya, after several months’ delay.

The contractor China Wu Yi has already moved to the 5.2-acre site handed over by Tecnofin Kenya Limited, the company that won the bid to renew and redevelop the estate under the Urban Renewal Programme and Joint Venture Partnership.

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The first block of 18 floors is expected to be delivered in 45 weeks, and the second will be constructed from the beginning of March 2020. The entire project will be completed in 36 months’ time.

The project’s geological and topographical survey

Mr. David Sirma, Tecnofin Finance and Administration manager addressing the project delay issue said that while people expect to see the physical structures coming up, site analysis, including geological and topographical survey, has been ongoing.

“In September last year, a three-month geotechnical survey which determines the excavation levels where the columns would be set was done and the samples obtained from the 15-meter drilling analyzed in laboratories in and out of the country. This has a serious financial impact on the contract value thus it had to be done before the contractor could be assigned the work,” said Sirma.

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He also said that water supply and sewerage lines that crossed through the property too had to be relocated.

According to Sirma, excavation of the first block started in October and was completed at the end of November 2019 while that of the second block started immediately thereafter.

Cost of the houses upon completion

The Tecnofin Finance and Administration manager said that the houses, upon completion will be going for between US $10,000 and US $30,000 and will only be available to low-income earners who meet the eligibility criteria.

He mentioned that these will be functional homes that meet all the requirements of a decent, affordable house and will have no fancy finishes that could raise their cost.

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