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Construction work on Konza technology city in Kenya to begin March

The groundbreaking of the US$ 12m Konza Technology City in Kenya will finally begin in March this year months after stalling allowing the development of the mega project to kick off.

Konza Technology City Development Authority (KoTDA) CEO Eng John Tanui confirmed the reports and said that the first phase comprising of 21 parcels of land on 60 acres is ready for investment starting this year.

“We will be doing the groundbreaking of the US$ 12m mixed use facility to host our offices, commercial and residential units in March this year as well as putting up the first schools,” said Eng Tanui. “In addition to this, we are completing the design for the provision of utilities including waste water management, street lighting, water, power and Internet systems to ensure that these are laid out in the right way before construction of the same begins in the next financial year,” he said.

The groundbreaking of Konza Technology City in Kenya will prove wrong the rumors and reports that the project had stalled. The government has also come out to disagree with that information.

“Over the years we have received over 300 expressions of interest but at the end of this month we will know for sure how many of these will actually be putting in work at the park,” explained Mr Tanui.

The winning bidder who will be chosen to construct the school will be announced at the end of this month and construction is anticipated to commence at the beginning of the next financial year.

The Konza city technology project was launched by the former President Mwai Kibaki in 2008 as a Vision 2030 project but has since been mired by skepticism on its viability and timing.

KoTDA is offering up 24 parcels of land to investors in the first phase of the project and will see an initial 60 acres of land put under development.

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