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Garissa town residents protest over persistent water shortage

Residents of Garissa Town have protested demanding an immediate solution to the prolonged water shortage they have been facing.

During a demonstration on Monday, the residents accused the county government of laxity in resolving the problem.

Waving placards bearing anti-county government slogans, they matched through various streets of the town towards the main offices of the Garissa Water and Sewerage Company (Gawasco) demanding to be addressed by the managing director but he was not in the office at the time.

The residents have previously held numerous peaceful protests against Gawasco and the county government over the water shortage but little has been done to resolve the crises.

“We have been going to the Gawasco offices countless times to seek for a solution to the problem but all in vain. They seem not care for the cries of our mothers who trek for hours to get water,” said activist Ali Awdol.

“Access to water is a human right, yet today hundreds of thousands of families in Garissa lack the basic commodity. We demand an immediate solution from Gawasco,” he added.

Residents of Bula Ijara asked the governor to stop giving excuses on the water crisis and ensure the problem is fixed.

Recently, while on tour of his Garissa Township Constituency, National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale criticised the county government for failure to provide basic necessities such as water.

Acting Gawasco MD Abdi Haji could not be reached for comment on the water problem as his phone went unanswered and he did not respond to text messages.

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