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Kenya plans 62-kilometres Kiambu to Thika road upgrade

The government of Kenya through the state-owned Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) plans to undertake an Sh10.78 billion Kiambu to Thika road upgrade project that will see the upgrade of 62-kilometers of road connecting Kiambu road and Thika superhighway at B30/A2.

The Kiambu to Thika road upgrade starts at Junction B32/B30 on Kiambu Road and proceeds through Kirigiti, Riabai, Ngewa, Kibichoi, Nembu, Ichaweri, Gatundu, Kang’oo, Mang’u and ends at Thika Road.

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The project overview

The Kiambu to Thika road upgrade is split into six segments. The first segment, a 12km stretch from Kiambu Road to Ngewa will be upgraded into a dual carriageway, while the second segment, a 10km section between Ngewa and Kibichoi will be designed to single carriageway. On an environmental impact assessment (EIA) report seeking approval of the project, KeNHA noted that the government has already earmarked funds through the development vote for use in engaging the consultancy services to undertake preliminary and detailed engineering design, environmental and social impact study, preliminary and detailed engineering design of this segment.

The 22km stretch from Kibichoi to Kang’oo through Ichaweri and Gatundu will be designed to single carriageway featuring pavements, and the 4km stretch from Kang’oo to Mang’u will be designed to single carriageway rural road standards, while the 14km segment from Mang’u junction to Thika Road will be designed to a dual carriageway.

The entire project is set for completion by June 2022

Expectations for the project

The project is expected to end traffic snarl-ups that are currently experienced along this route especially at the Kiambu-Ngewa and the Mang’u-Thika sections due to an increased number of residential property developments in the area.

Furthermore, the project is expected to spur the growth of existing market centers along the road corridor and lead to increased job opportunities and economic activities for the people residing along the route.

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