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Kenya’s Nairobi County to revamp old houses for new high-rise apartments

Kenya’s City hall through Nairobi County Assembly Planning and Housing Committee has put up recommendations seeking to demolish bungalows built in 1980s and 70s which are in deplorable conditions and replace them with high-rise apartments.

The move which is part of urban renewal project will construct 100,000 units for more than 600,000 residents living in the old estates which were built during the colonial era. Some of the bungalows set to be demolished are those in Ngong Road, Old Ngara, Uhuru, Pangani and Jevanjee where majority of government officials used to live.

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Urban renewal project

The new move will also see inspections done every 10 years on the new houses with issuance of certificates of occupancy to ensure the units are well maintained. This also comes as a relief to the hugely growing demand for quality and affordable housing in the city. In 2018 only 35,000 units were constructed compared to the annual demand of 120,000 units due to the growing rural-urban migration.

Nairobi City has also struck deals with contractors; Technofin Kenya, Directline Assurance, Green Erderman Property, Stanlib Kenya, Jabavu Village and Green Prestik to construct the units in the next three years which will be sold lower than the market price. City Hall has also given the contractors three years to complete the houses, which will be sold lower than the prevailing market prices.


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