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Kenya’s US $70m green chewing gum factory set to be commissioned

Kenya is set to commission a green chewing gum factory owned by US-based Mars Wrigley mid this year.

Wrigley Middle East and Africa market development director, Wanja Mwangi who confirmed the reports said the firm had adopted the latest construction technology that ensures the facility is energy efficient, pollution free and people friendly.

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Green chewing gum factory

The factory which been under construction for the past three years sits on 20 acres piece of land. It features a biomass boiler, waste water treatment plant, skylights and many windows allowing the facility to operate with minimal use of electric lights.

Moreover bicycle racks and showering facilities have been installed as well as parking lots to promote car-pooling and use of fuel-efficient vehicles, to improve the health of workers. This earned the plant 62 points for the LEED GOLD certification. Once operational, the new plant will annually churn out 7.8 billion pellets of chewing gum.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a building rating technology run by US Green Building Council to ensure green initiatives are considered in modern day building and construction.

“We are glad to have included many green initiatives in the design and construction of our new facility in Kenya as we are keen to promote better, healthier spaces for people to work,” said Wanja Mwangi.

“The company aims to cut fossil fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 2040. This includes development of long-term water and waste targets to support this goal,” added Ms Mwangi.

About Mars Wrigley

Mars Wrigley owns popular brands in Kenya like Orbit, Doublemint, Skittles, Juicy Fruit, PK and Big G. Wrigley will close down it’s 47 year old Industrial Area branch which has been serving countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, DRC, Burundi and Djibouti since 1972 when it opened in Kenya.



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