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Kiambu county in Kenya to construct US $1.5m housing units

Kiambu county is set to construct  affordable housing units in Thika West Sub-county at a cost of US $1.5m in bid to cub housing problem that has ailed the government officers in the area for years owing to the growing number of officers.

Kiambu County Governor Ferdinand Waititu, announced the reports and said that the project is an onset for the county, as there were plans for developing more structures of the same caliber in different areas of the county which will be used to relocate people living in the slums to decent locations.

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Affordable Housing units

The housing project had initially began in 2009 under the Thika municipal council but however stalled due to devolution and change of leaders. Eng. Godfrey Karimi said the development to will feature 40 units of two bedrooms each with adequate space for a family set up, and modern fittings.

The housing units will sit on a 100×80 piece of land and will host more people compared to the single structures that were spread on that land. It is scheduled for completion and and ready to be occupied in the next two months.

The Governor added that the housing units which also supports the country’s Big 4 agenda as a way of alleviating poverty amongst the citizens, will be rented out for US $118.92 compared to US $178.38 that is demanded in the area for similar dwellings.

“My administration in conjunction with the national government will ensure that the residents of Kiambu get the development they deserve and the youths get jobs to help them get on their feet and sidetrack them from drugs use,” said Waititu.

The Governor also affirmed the citizens that all the grabbed land that has been reclaimed by his administration will be put into good use like building public utilities and more modern houses to accommodate the growing number of people in the county.


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