Tallest skyscraper in Africa to be constructed in Malindi Kenya

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Watamu beach, in Malindi Kenya is set to host the tallest skyscraper in Africa overshadowing the Pinnacle Tower in Nairobi’s Upperhill area that stands at 70 storeys and 300 metres in height and as at now is the tallest skyscraper in the continent.

The Palm Exotica upon completion will tower a height of 370 metres, and will be a 61-storey building. It was designed by Italian architect Lorenzo Pagnini and is said to be a mixed used development.

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The building’s developers are investors from New York, South Africa and Italian billionaire Franco Rosco who viewed the to tower as an addition to the coastal town’s clout as a luxury tourism hub.

The Palm Exotica

The mixed use development will feature tastefully furnished residential suites, eclectic restaurants and a vibrant 24-hour casino, a good feature for coastal entertainment.

Each intuitively designed floor plan, from studios, Presidential suites, exclusive Sky Apartments and Penthouse apartments are fitted with modern appliances and tasteful furniture. Floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive balconies will have uninterrupted views of the vibrant blues of the Indian Ocean and emerald tropical treetops.

Residents will also be spoilt for choice from a host of offerings including a casino, nightclub, retail mall, theatre and cinema, state-of-the-art fitness centre, wellness spa and children’s play area as well as a 5-star hotel and its lavish facilities.

Furthermore, the tower will give its companions uninterrupted views of vivid ocean colours and the picturesque Watamu panorama.



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  1. This is completely inappropriate for Watamu. The tiny town does not have the infrastructure to support it. Environmentally, it will stick out like a sore thumb. Better to place it in Malindi or Mombasa.

  2. Hi Anita,,, i must say the coastal towns are now getting the business environment touch they deserve. With the resort city coming in Lamu, this is one idea I support. AFter all, it will be a super office location for the many businesses that will have offices in Lamu resort city and the port. With short direct flight to Lamu, this is one ripe idea.

  3. Hi Anita
    This is a fantastic project for Kenya. I am wondering when such rich developers will come to Kampala and help us with such wonderful developments?


  4. Hi Anita
    I am Based in South Africa. We retail and wholeale in Plumbing, Elettial and sanitaryware for commrcial and residential projects. How Do I get details to tender for the projet


  5. It should NOT be given approval – a disaster for Watamu! There is NO NEED for such a building at all.

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