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Kilifi sewerage recycling plant in pipeline

The Kilifi County Government plans to invest Sh800 million in the Kilifi sewerage recycling plant that will produce briquettes, which will alleviate the city’s energy crisis.

The plant is being built in the Sabaki area of Malindi Sub County with funding from the World Bank. This is according to Governor Gideon Mung’aro. He made the announced in his recent speech at the Jesus Cares Center International Church.

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He said that the facility would use human waste from the toilets in the towns of Malindi and Watamu to produce coal. The coal produced would be sold to the locals and reduce their dependence on wood-burning charcoal. Wood-burning charcoal is believed to be the cause of environmental degradation.

The governor also stated that the briquettes will be made from a mixture of sewage, coconut husks, and leaves.

What will be the the uses of briquettes produced by Kilifi sewerage recycling plant?

This is part of his administration’s strategy to clean up Malindi town and its surroundings. Additionally, they are also attempting to revive the struggling tourism sector.

Mung’aro claimed that his administration had begun constructing properly lined toilets in Malindi and Watamu towns. The project is being supported by development partners. It will cost roughly Sh120 million.

The Governor, who was joined by a number of Kilifi County Assembly (MCA) members and other senior county officials, stated that the modern restrooms will cost a total of Sh10 million. It will also have other amenities, a modern bathroom and fully furnished modern bathing facilities.

He also added that he was working to improve Malindi’s drainage system. He claimed that the county’s drainage system was a major obstacle to the development of the tourist resort town. Additionally, they looking to put an end to ongoing water shortages.

In order to improve food security in the county and beyond, the governor further stated that he would support the national government’s efforts to develop the Galana-Kulalu Food Security Project.

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