The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) announced that work on the Monrovia-Bomi Corridor/Liberia Accelerated Electricity Expansion Project-Additional Financing (LACEEP-AF) has resumed.

Assistant Director for Planning, Edwin Fahnbulleh confirmed the reports and said that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have given a green light for the construction process after carrying out the Environmental Social Impact Assessment test as requested by the World Bank.

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The Monrovia-Bomi Corridor Project 

The Monrovia-Bomi Corridor Project entails construction of 66kV lines from Bushrod Island through Virginia to Kle; 66kV lines from Stockton Creek through Gardnersville to Paynesville; four new substations of 10 MVA each in Virginia, Kle, Stockton Creek, and Gardnersville and expand the substation in Bushrod Island and Paynesville; connect 33,000 new customers.

The project upon completion will connect 33,000 new clients on top of those subscribing to the national electricity grid. According to LEC authorities, businesses and households within the greater northwest Monrovia, Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties would receive about 16% of the new connections.

While updating the residents on the progress of the project, Assistant Director for Planning Edwin Fahnbulleh revealed that almost all the necessary materials are in the country. Moreover, communities that would benefit from the project were informed of the project’s resumption and were encouraged to wire their homes while preparing for the connections adequately.

Electricity theft

Electricity theft Network supervisor Brendan O’Connor encouraged residents of the township community to prevent electricity theft from infiltrating the networks when lights are finally working, since electricity theft has rendered more than 100 transformers out if an action for various communities and making life difficult, the country.

He called for the corporation from residents in preventing criminals from creating illegal connections to the main installation limes that were energized. As well, he lamented the adverse effects that power theft has on Liberia Energy Corporation expansion projects.