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Liberia starts construction of a new medical facility

The construction of a medical facility in Liberia has commenced; this is after The Rotary Club of Monrovia (RCM) broke ground for the project which is set to house a medical grade oxygen production plant for ELWA Hospital.

The Oxygen plant is one of two ‘Ebola Legacy projects’ that is being implemented by the Rotary Club of Monrovia. It will cost US $200000 for it to be complete.

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Mrs. Cooper-Liverpool confirmed the reports and said that the dream that led to conceiving the project started during the outbreak of the horrendous Ebola virus disease in the region.

The new oxygen plant

The new oxygen plant will come in handy as it will be capable of filling cylinders and supplying oxygen for the Operating Theaters, Emergency Room and treatment areas of the new ELWA hospital. Also, any excess bottled oxygen not used by the hospital will be sold at a small fee to other medical facilities in the Monrovia area.

The new facility is projected to be complete in the next six months. Additionally, equipment is set to be purchased and installed by then and staff trained for effective operations of the plant.

RCM was one of the early responders in the country during the Ebola outbreak. They helped provide critical support to the Ministry of Health with initial donations of gloves, supplies of mattresses, liquids and food to quarantined patients and households.

Rotary is an organization of business people and professionals globally who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build goodwill and peace in the world.



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