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Malawi commissions Karonga water project and Karonga-Songwe Road

The government of Malawi has commissioned the Karonga Water Project and Karonga-Songwe Road in bid to provide to clean portable water and good road network in the country.

President Peter Mutharika commissioned the water project, dubbed Northern Region Water Board (NRWB) at Kibwe Primary School ground in Karonga, Northern Region of Malawi and launched the rehabilitated Karonga-Songwe Road, saying in the next five years of his rule, the country will have good road network and potable water.

“I promise more development and opening up of new roads in the country for the next five years of my term and this time we will traverse every part of this country to,” said President Mutharika.

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Karonga Water Project and Karonga-Songwe Road

The two projects valued at US $26.7m, will be funded by Opec Fund for International Development, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (Badea) and the Government of Malawi. According to the president it will benefit about 20 000 residents.

The President also assured citizens that his leadership is focused on development revolution to improve the country and to uplift the socio-economic conditions of Malawians.

Meanwhile the government has also launched the Songwe River basin project partnering with neighboring country Tanzania. The project will generate 180MW of electricity which will be shared equally between the two countries, already the design, feasibility studies and investment preparations have been concluded.

Phase one of the Songwe River Basin project will run for 10 years with two countries hoping to attract funding from African Development Bank and other donors. The project is expected to boost economic activities in both countries through aquaculture, crop diversification, domestic water supply and power generation.


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