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Morocco concludes plans for Morocco-Nigeria Gas Pipeline Project

The Government of Morocco recently announced that it has concluded its plans/preparations for the development of the proposed Morocco-Nigeria Gas Pipeline (MNGP) or the Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP), a new regional onshore and offshore gas pipeline intended to deliver natural gas resources of Nigeria to morocco through 13 other countries in the West and North Africa.

The country also mentioned that it has set up a downstream division of Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (ONHYM), a public organization representing the interests of the Kingdom of Morocco in the field of Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons and Mining resources, and which is in charge of the NMGP project.

The North African country is also building networks to distribute gas to industry hubs where automobile and aeronautics industries are expanding. Reportedly, the industrial sector in Morocco is growing fast and gas will be an important part of this growth.

Extension of gas transit agreement for supplies of Algerian gas in GME pipeline

In other related news, Naturgy Energy Group S.A a Spanish multinational natural gas and electrical energy utilities company that was formerly known as Gas Natural Fenosa on November 10 announced that it was in talks with Morocco and Algeria to potentially achieve an extension of the gas transit agreement for supplies of Algerian gas in the Gaz-Maghreb-Europe (GME) pipeline via Morocco to Spain.

Reportedly, gas deliveries through the GME pipeline fell to zero on November 1st after the long-term transit deal between Algeria and Morocco was not renewed ahead of its expiry on October 31st.

There are alleged reports that Morocco, which has estimated its resources at some 300 Tcf of conventional and unconventional gas in place, could replace lost gas from Algeria to Spain through the Morocco-Nigeria Gas Pipeline.

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