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New Administrative Capital: Egypt’s government to start moving to new government district

The government of Egypt is set to start moving to the government district in New Administrative Capital (NAC) in December this year, according to a presidential statement released in early November 2021.

The statement noted that this move will mark the beginning of a six months trial phase of the new premises whose construction began back in 2015 under the directive of President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

Though construction on the US$45 bn city was slowed by the Covid-19 pandemic, “approximately 98% of the construction work in the city’s government district, which comprises 34 government buildings that will house the 32 ministries of the nation’s cabinet along with two other state authorities, has been completed” according to NAC spokesman Khaled Husseiny.

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Noteworthy, the government district has been designed in a markedly pharaonic style and it is set to be the focal point of the NAC.

A recap on the New Administrative Capital

The NAC is located on 700 square kilometers of land approximately 45 kilometers east of Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, and just outside the Second Greater Cairo Ring Road, in a largely undeveloped area halfway to the seaport city of Suez.

Generally, the city is planned to consist of 21 residential districts and 25 dedicated districts. It will have amenities such as a central park, artificial lakes, about 2,000 educational institutions, a technology and innovation park, 663 hospitals and clinics, 1,250 mosques and churches, a 90,000-seat stadium, 40,000 hotel rooms, a major theme park four times the size of Disneyland in the USA, 90 square kilometers of solar energy farms, an electric railway link with Cairo and a new international airport at the site of the Egyptian Air Force’s existing Wadi al Jandali Airport.

It will have a population of 6.5 million people, though it is estimated that the figure could rise by half a million to seven million.

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