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New Luanda International Airport in Angola to undergo correction works

The new New Luanda International Airport in Angola is set to undergo correction works to adapt the structure to the standards of modernity, innovation and passenger comfort.

The country’s Transport Minister, Ricardo de Abreu announced the reports and said the project will be submitted to engineering and functional corrections to a technical commission yet to be indicated.

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New Luanda International Airport 

The corrections to the project, will be carried out up to the year 2022. The Minister assured that there is a financial reserve with the Ministry of Finance to be used to push forward the correction works, which according to the minister are valued at more than US $5bn.

The New Luanda International Airport being constructed in the northern Bengo municipality of the Luanda province, Angola, will serve as an alternative to the existing Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport.

Occupying an area of 1,324ha, the new airport is expected to become the aviation hub of western Africa. It will include operating zones such as passenger terminal and circulation areas, a control tower, cargo facilities, baggage reclaim hall, and other supporting infrastructure.

The airport will be able to receive up to 15 million passengers per year, ten million from the international traffic and five million from the national traffic. This will handle the forecasted passenger demand over the next 30 years.The airport had earlier faced delays to commence operations due to financial constraints.

Financial, technical and operational problems have conditioned the course of the contract and obliged the replacement of the contractor, with a guarantee of financing for the execution of the works. Until last year, the project was being financed by the the China International Fund Limited (CIF).



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