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Construction of the Second Niger Bridge project in Nigeria on track

Construction of the Second Niger Bridge project in south-eastern Nigeria, is on track and progressing well. The Federal Ministry of of works in charge of Anambra state Engineer Adeyemo Ajani revealed the reports and said that the project is likely to be completed before the approved date.

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Second Niger Bridge

The Second Niger Bridge project was initiated by the former President Goodluck Jonathan, and the vision has been sustained by the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The bridge is being constructed across Nigeria’s  Niger River and is intended to ease traffic congestion and will span from Asaba to Ozubulu and Ogbaru areas. The project is undertaken on behalf of the Nigerian federal government by the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing jointly with the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority.

The Second Niger Bridge construction is a Nigerian federal government project that is 1.6 km-long and furnished with other ancillary infrastructure including a 10.3 km highway and a toll station.

The project is being developed through a Public Private Partnership involving Julius BergerNSIA Consortium as a Design, Finance, Build, Operate and Transfer (DFBOT) model to cost US $653m with the Federal Government contributing US $150m while the consortium will raise the rest of the funds.

To be sure, the construction of the Second Niger Bridge well-survives the delay in the approval of the Nigerian 2019 national budget, the government established a fund ‘ Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF)’ from where it finances the project.

Work capacity of the project has employed between 1000 and 1300 workers optimally engaged. According to Engineer Adeyemo Ajani, the project is currently it is 23% complete. The new Niger Bridge upon completion will also facilitate vibrant commercial exchanges especially in the host South-East region of the country, Nigeria.


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