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Osun State in Nigeria approves construction of 5 roads

The Osun State Government in Nigeria has approved construction of 5 major roads across the three senatorial districts in the state. Commissioner for Works and Transport, Mr. Remi Omowaye revealed the report and said the road networking would help to decongest traffic within and outside the state.

Mr. Remi Omowaye said that the state governor has approved construction and rehabilitation of f Ada-Igbajo 13.15km road, fixing of the 2.87km Akindeko-Awosuru Link Road via Adejumo Street and Oremeji, Akinlade, Adewale Street down to WAEC Road.

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Project detaills

He added that rehabilitation/completion overlay of 25.8km Army Barack (Ede) -Ara-Ejigbo Township Road will be done while 8.10km Moro-Yakoyo-Ipetumodu-Asipa-Ife/Ibadan Expressway Junction Road will be rehabilitated.

All the roads will total up to 54.3km and the government will spend  a sum of US $13m. Commissioner also noted that the project is going to be a ‘Contractor-Financing Project’ under the Alternative-Project-Funding-Approach (APFA).

The roads when completed would go a long way to drive the economy of the state and facilitate investment as the government is working round the clock to re-position the economy of the state for the betterment of the citizens.

“We picked these roads to bring succour to the people of the State. These are the roads that will add economic value to the people. We have factored in necessary things required to ensure quality and standard roads,” said Commissioner Omowaye.


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