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Rail mass transit construction project in Nigeria on track

The construction of the Lagos Rail Mass Transit construction Project in Nigeria is in good progress. Also known as Blue Line project, the project is expected to ease transport need of the fast growing population in Lagos.The project construction is being supported by the government of the United Kingdom.

London mayor Alderman Alan Yarrow led a team of London business delegation on a round-table meeting to discuss the progress of the project. The meeting was also attended by the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) officials.

One of the strategic master plan transport project to be implemented in the coming 20-30 years is the Blue Line project. The project plan is estimated to cost US$20bn on six rail lines; 14 BRT lanes; three cable car projects; 20 waterway routes and one mono rail.

The Rail Mass Transit construction Project in Nigeria will involve 11 stations, 27.522km rail track from Okokomaiko to Marina. Phase I of the project is anticipated to have engulp US$1.12bn for the 7km covering 2miles to the National Arts Theatre has been completed. However, Phase II of 5km has already commenced from National Arts Theatre to Marina.

According to Dayo Mobereola, the LAMATA Chief Executive Officer clarified that the delay was due to funding issues and that is why the State Government is currently pursuing potential investors into the capital intensive project.

Lagos can successfully be transformed into a city of infrastructural development for easy transportation of persons and goods. This can easily be achieved through the implementation of the rule of law in the city ensuring the right contracts are in place.


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