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World Trade Centre construction project in Nigeria nears completion

The World trade Centre construction project in Nigeria which is being carried out by the Churchgate Group is on its completion stages. Vinay Mahtani, the Group Managing Director made the announcement during a meeting with estate valuers and agents in Abuja.

He also revealed that the group is fully committed to the project and is optimistic to deliver phase I of the project by end of this year. According to him there has been a growing demand for quality real estate which is combination of residential and commercial.

Mr. Olusola Akinsola, an estate surveyor, spoke on behalf of other estate surveyors and valuer during the Abuja meeting expressing his satisfaction with the work level on the first phase of thr WTC project. He further described the WTC project as one of its kind with great significance particularly for the real estate sector and the country’s economy at large.

“Housing is no more about shelter,” said Akinsola. “It’s about employment, economic inclusiveness and multiplier effect on the local economy,” he added

Phase I of the project is currently at its final stages. The project involves construction of an AAA commercial tower that will accommodate businesses of all sizes and a residential tower that will offer luxury apartments with modern amenities.

Additionally, the buildings, at 24-storeys each, are set to define Abuja’s skyline. The residential tower is the tallest residential building while the commercial tower is described to be the tallest office building in the nation’s capital in Nigeria.
According to Femi Awopetu, Churchgate Group Assistant General Manager and Corporate Communication, the WTC Abuja project will be the economy driver on its own, bringing together individuals and corporations as well as providing a convenient platform to carry out business operations on a daily basis.

WTC project is however, expected to impact the economy and improve people’s lives and welfare. In the meantime, thousands of people have already been employed during the construction of the project’s phase I, the employment number is expected to rise throughout the subsequent phases of the project.

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