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Northern Namibia hit by a devastating water crisis

Northern Namibia is presently going through a devastating water crisis. NamWater scheduled water interruptions from last Monday; however, some consumers have been without a drop of water since last week Friday.

NamWater announced last Monday that the northern regions would experience water supply interruptions for the next six weeks. That is, between January 15th to February 28th. The implementation of the supply rationing will take place in the evenings from 2200-0500hrs the next morning.

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Ongoing rehabilitation

However, some of the residents from the North are finding this method unfavorable. They prefer that the water is run during the day instead of at night. They also said that five days without water is just too much..

A statement issued by NamWater indicates there has been rehabilitation work going on at the Calueque scheme. This is as a result of a persistent leakage as of early December. NamWater’s main supply from the source abstraction at Calueque scheme in Angola started leaking profusely that it required attention. As such one pump was put out of operation.

In addition to the pump, additional factors have been affecting the flow of water to the Oshakati production work such as growth of weed and silt accumulation at the bottom of the canal. Although that is the stance, the water utility is optimistic that the work is due for completion soon.

Meanwhile, the Ondangwa Town Council sent out a statement to its residents informing them to brace themselves for the next six weeks. The statement explained that it may take longer for the water to reach all the water supply networks. Consequently, the people will not feel the effect of the interruptions only during or between the mentioned hours.

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