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Phase one upgrade of Beitbridge Border Post in Zimbabwe nears completion

Phase one works on upgrade of Beitbridge Border Post in Zimbabwe nears completion. This is according to Transport and Infrastructure Development Deputy Minister Mike Madiro.

Modernisation of Beitbridge Border Post is one of the key projects being undertaken by the Second Republic to promote the ease of doing business and trade facilitation. Construction of the US $300M project will result in the required improvement to the current infrastructure, which will go a long way towards creating effective and efficient traffic management for all stakeholders and the economy.

The modernization programme is being rolled out in three phases: phase 1 involves pre-commencement works, phase 2 which will involve internal border infrastructure development and phase 3 which will involve outside border infrastructure development.

The pre-commencement and minor works involves minimizing challenges of accommodating vehicle traffic during peak periods but there is plan in the pipeline to divert traffic through the export section, so that civil work on the main immigration terminal can be carried out. The contractor will then move from a transition stage to the upgrading of the current immigration terminal and other key infrastructure.

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Overall Beitbridge Border Post upgrade project

The overall Beitbridge Border Post project will see new terminals being built for each vehicle category. It will include construction of a new vehicle parking areas and feeder roadways. New equipment for scanning cargo will also be installed, which will speed up the inspection of goods and detection of fraud, smuggling and potential threats; explosives, radioactive substances, among others.

A new ICT system will be installed to provide automatic queuing and payment systems for vehicle drivers. This will reduce manual unloading and inspection. As part of the agreement, a new residential complex will be built for the city of Beitbridge, as well as facilities for informal traders and other government services. Other utilities in the project include a fire station, domestic sewerage, home power line, a reservoir, water pipelines to the reservoir, a wastewater treatment plant and a water pump station.

The project is being implemented within the framework of a public-private partnership with the participation of the state and private financial agencies. Under the under a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) agreement, Zimborders will recoup its funds through border access fees to be collected over 17-and-a-half years, before handing over the property to Government.


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