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RIA in Liberia to build new Transit Terminal

Negotiations have begun for the construction of a new terminal at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in Liberia to be used as a transit terminal. According to RIA Managing Director Bishop John Allan Klayee, this will be a major boost to the return of the Robert hub. “The construction of the new transit terminal B will boost both aircraft and passengers inflow and restore Liberia’s competitiveness in the air transport industry,” he said.

He futher added that the reason why they want to do terminal B is to use it as a transit hub, so that they can go back to where they were before. “The terminal will boost the passenger flow and the inflow of flights as well,” he affirmed.

Construction of an aircraft servicing center

This development comes after a partnership agreement was signed between RIA and the Hartfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta, Georgia recently for the construction of an aircraft servicing center at RIA to service and sell aircraft spare parts. Such service center is currently limited on the continent.

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When constructed this could attract aircrafts that are in distress around the continent and beyond to seek services here. “Only South Africa can boast of such facility and so if that center is built here it will attract operators from around the world and Africa to come here for servicing,” said the MD.

Restoring confidence in the airport

The RIA Managing Director further said that the rehabilitation of the runway has restored some level of confidence among airlines that once abandoned their services due to the terrible condition of the runway. However, despite these good news, the airport faces one major challenger which is electric power.

Authorities burn 80 gallons of diesel fuel every hour, and the Managing Director said the cost of fuel accounts for 80% of the airport’s expenditure. In order to address this power issue, he said plans are on the way to construct a solar power dam that will electrify the entire airport and its surrounding areas.


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