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Rwanda embarks on upgrade works at Kigali International Airport

Upgrade works at Kigali International Airport by Rwanda Airports Company (RAC) has begun. The works cover major areas of the airport and take advantage of the suspension of aviation travel as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This was revealed by Firmin Karambizi, the Managing Director of RAC.  Mr. Karambizi said that during this period they are particularly looking to expand the aircraft parking capacity, the runway strip, and also the arrival terminal.

An overview of the expected works

The upgrade works to Kigali International Airport willinclude the arrival terminal which will be extended to have an extra passenger processing area, allowing it to fully comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, which recommends countries to implement automated facilities for passenger and baggage processing.

The ICAO also recommends the installation of flight information systems capable of providing accurate, adequate, and up-to-the-minute information on departures, arrivals, cancellations, delays, and terminal/gate allocations.

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The aim is to cut back on queues to speed up the flow of passengers and avoid congestion in the terminal area.

On the other hand the service road/runway strip according to Karambizi will be extended to 3.1 kilometers in order to increase safety in case of unintentional excursion from the runway surface, while the parking area will be expanded to allow the airport to accommodate at least 18 aircraft at ago.

Previous upgrade works

Over US$ 30M according to RAC has been invested in the upgrade of the airport during the last three years, allowing it to have a new apron, three taxiways, a hangar, and improved airfield lighting.

The maintenance and upgrades have precisely reduced congestion at the check-in and arrival areas, expanded the departure lounge area, increased VIP comfort, and enhanced baggage handling efficiency.

The activities have also eased travelers’ movements within the terminal area, seen the installation of facilities for people with special needs, and increased the number of duty-free outlets and also expanded shopping experience.


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