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Solar power project in Rebiana region, south-east Libya, in the offing

Eni S.p. A, an integrated energy company active in the development of new energy, exploration, and production of hydrocarbons, refining and marketing of oil products and biofuels as well as generation and marketing of electricity, production of renewable energy, and development of chemicals and bio-based products, is studying the possibility of the implementation of solar power project in Rebiana region, south-east of Libya.

This was revealed by Mokhtar Abdel-Daem, the Director of the Sustainable Development Department at Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC), a state-owned entity responsible for controlling oil and gas production and overseeing all petroleum activities in the North African country.

Mr. Abdel-Daem was speaking during a meeting held by Mustafa Sanalla, the head of NOC at the NOC’s headquarters in Tripoli. The meeting was attended by notables and activists of the municipality of Rebiana.

Aim for the solar project

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The project, which will be a part of the sustainable development programmes implemented by ENI in cooperation with the NOC, is meant to provide for the electricity needs of the Libyan city of Rebiana, which is located in a desert area, near Kufra on the Libyan-Sudanese border, approximately 1,700 kilometers of the North African country’s capital, Tripoli.

The region is reportedly experiencing difficult conditions as a result of marginalization due to its isolated location from the rest of the civilized areas in the country. It is said that there are no basic services and necessities in the city, especially electricity and potable water.


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