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South Africa: Largest air separation unit to be installed at US$227m

French multinational Air Liquide will invest US$227.34m in construction of the largest air separation unit (ASU) in South Africa. Petrochemicals group Sasol will supply industrial gases for the same project following signing of a long-term agreement between the two.

The air separation unit will have a capacity of 5000t/d of oxygen; this will go into the production of synthetic fuels.

The air separation unit will be designed, constructed and operated by Air Liquide, with commissioning of the same set to take place in December 2017. This structure will add to facilities for production of argon and oxygen, in order to boost supply to South Africa’s growing industrial gases market.

The CEO and Chairperson of Air Liquide Benoît Potier noted that he was pleased with the partnership between the two companies. This will also help in Air Liquide’s commitment to South Africa.
Potier further noted that the structure will incorporate cutting edge technology and will help improve their leadership in the oxygen production technology. This will be a milestone in the Groups history.

The President and CEO of Sasol David Constable noted that the new ASU by Air Liquide would give Sasol Secunda access to world class expertise. This will guarantee the firm a long term and reliable competitive oxygen source.


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