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Biggest conference in global construction industry coming to Africa

The 2015 edition of the annual African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo is set to take place at the Sandton Convention Centre, South Africa, from Tuesday, 12 May to Friday, 15 May 2015. Attendees will have a chance to attend five unique expo experiences – African Construction Expo, Totally Concrete Expo, Coatings for Africa, Housing for Africa and African Roads Evolution.

Soren du Preez, 2015 Programme Director has said all the five conferences and expos will give the story of shaping the future of Africa’s cement, concrete and construction industries value chain.

Three largest industry host sponsors PPC Cement, AfriSam, and Pan Mixers South Africa join other sponsors of the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo 2015 event, which is a high profile event for Africa’s construction industry.

The event also boasts of 75 media and association partners such as Master Builders Association, South African Institute of Architects, Construction Review, Engineering News and The Star, among others.

Attendees, including sellers and buyers of cement, concrete and stakeholders in construction industry value chain will have opportunity to hold open dialogue, exchange knowledge, discuss best practice and construction trends, as well as share new industry innovation case studies from the represented countries.

The annual African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo 2015 will be based on three pillars, namely Strategy; Innovation and Case-study and Project. From here, delegates can select the preferred sessions to attend. Thus they can optimize their time and money. The event will be first ever Africa’s three-storey exhibition.

Delegates will have 170 speakers to choose to hear from, on various topics, including 3D printing, mega-project development, self-healing concrete, pavement design, enterprise development and investment in infrastructure, and these will be based within the three pillars of the Totally Concrete Expo.

“Our stimulating conference programme pushes innovation in format delivery. We have reliably built an interactive, participant-led experience, leveraging expertise and experience to create a conference that you want to be at and actively participate in,” says du Preez.

Expected to stand out will also be the African Construction and Totally Concrete Captains of Construction: Leadership Forum. Max du Preez – Author, Columnist and Documentary Filmmaker from South Africa will host the forum. The exclusive, invitation-only, African Construction CODESA will be held during the Captains of Construction: Leadership Forum which will facilitate the necessary communication, negotiation and balancing of plans in the industry, for reasonable costs and successful projects to be achieved.

The conference planners of the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo 2015 event, Hypenica, are also excited to have Toby Shapshak, editor and publisher of Stuff magazine will feature as a contributor at the conference. Toby’s TED talk session in June 2013, on how Africa is solving real problems for the rest of the world, attained more than 1-million views. With Toby’s talk showing such a great volume of interest, he is considered an ideal candidate to contribute on African-lead innovation on the African continent.

Exhibition space and sponsorship opportunities are available on a first come first served basis – contact [email protected] for additional info.

Registration and additional information can be found at www.totallyconcrete.co.za and www.construction-week.com



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