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Construction works on US $4bn Mtentu bridge in South Africa halts

Construction works on the US $4bn Mtentu bridge US $4bn Mtentu bridge has stopped following Construction company Aveng terminating its contract with the SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) to build the bridge.

The decision follows violent protest action against the project, which entails building the 1.1km-long bridge across the Mtentu River on the N2 Wild Coast. With the nearby Msikaba Bridge, the Mtentu Bridge is part of an improvement to make the N2 Wild Coast toll road shorter and faster.

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Community unrest and protest action

The construction company which is a joint venture with Europe-based Strabag International, said contractors have not been on site since October 22 due to threats of violence and levels of community unrest and protest action related to demands made against Sanral.

“The joint venture does not agree with Sanral’s view and related events do not support Sanral’s view. The ability to execute works safety and in accordance with international best practice is our primary concern,” said Aveng.

“The construction of the Mtentu Bridge is technically demanding and requires compliance with the most stringent international engineering and safety standards, with zero margin for the disruption of the nature experienced,” added Strabag spokesperson Diana Neumüller-Klein.

Upon completion the bridge is set to be one of the longest main-span balanced cantilever bridges in the world, and will reach heights of around 220 m.


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