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Repair of water pump at Northdene in Durban, South Africa complete

The repair of a water pump at Northdene in Durban, South Africa that malfunctioned, cutting off water supply to Chatsworth, south of Durban is now complete. According to eThekwini Municipality spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela the pump is now operational and working at full capacity.

“As a result, Shallcross Reservoir is full to its capacity and certain homes have already started to receive running water. The municipality is now building capacity at Chatsworth 4 Reservoir that supplies most homes in Chatsworth and Welbedacht East. Teams on the grounds are working towards having all homes getting water by this evening,” he said. He further added that water tankers will remain on the ground until every home in all affected areas has running water.

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The water crisis in South of Durban

When taps ran dry a week ago due to the malfunction, the Chatsworth community and civil society from all over Durban rallied together to bring water to the Covid-19 hotspot. eThekwini Municipality had to commission 54 tankers to service the affected areas including: Shallcross, Harinager, Chatsworth, Klaarwater and Birch Road.

The municipality also commissioned the cross-connection from its Hocking Reservoir to Washington Heights Reservoir. This enabled the water supply to KwaSanti, Luganda, Klaarwater, Washington Heights, Intake, Savannah Park, Nagina, Nsizwakazi and Dema.
The City apologized to all residents for the shortage and said that it is working unceasingly to clear all hurdles that may impede service delivery in future. “The municipality also extended its gratitude to residents who, while frustrated, did not resort to any violent protests and instead worked with the City until the malfunctioning of the pump station was dealt with.

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