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South Africa seeks US $534.3m to complete Limpopo roads

South Africa is seeking US $534.3m to complete all unfinished roads in Limpopo.This is according to the spokesperson for the Provincial Department of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure, Joshua Kwapa, who said the department currently does not have the budget to complete unfinished roads in the 2018/19 financial year.

“There was no enough money to complete the road since we had not budgeted for it during this financial year. Plans were to build it for 12km which also took us longer to complete and up to date we have not completed the remainder of the road,” said Joshua Kwapa.

“It is not only that road that is not complete in the province, there are many of them,” he added.

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Road assessment

Kwapa added that an assessment will be done on the road to establish how and when it can be completed. The assessment will also establish new costs for its completion.

“New assessments on the road will give us the costs of its completion and we will place it on our plans. As to when we will complete it, we cannot tell. However, we are using graders to ensure that the road is passable,” he said.

Limpopo residents are believed to have demanded the delivery of basic services from the municipality, which include the completion of the D3322 road outside Senwabarwana. However, Kwapa said the department understood the residents’ frustrations and was doing everything in its power to ensure that there was progress.








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