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South Africa: Storms River suspension bridge to be renovated

Maintenance of the Storms River suspension bridge on the Mouth Rest Camp is set to begin. The work on the bridge, which started January 12, is expected to last for six weeks to go to full completion.

The Park manager of Tsitsikamma section on the Garden Route National Park (GRNP) noted that even though they will be working on the bridge, people visiting the Storms River Rest Camp will not be hindered from use because the trail will still be open for use. Two of the bridges which are connected to the main one will also be used.

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The other sections that will be open for access to visitors are the hiking trails.

The suspension bridge has gained popularity among many tourists and locals due to the fact that it is a shaky concrete structure that has been constructed over the Indian Ocean. In addition to its structure, it also leads to a lookout point where visitors can be able to see a variety of indigenous forests, a marine protected area that is 50 years old and other rivers that flow into the ocean.

It is standard procedure to maintain the bridge after every five years because of the immense visitations that takes place there. The bridge was constructed in 1969 with two bridges being added in 2006. It is 77 meters long.

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